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Winter/Spring 2024 Classes

Winter/Spring Class Registration!

Classes begin Jan 8 2024

Winter/Spring Classes:

  • Mondays at 530 pm – Cross/Spin Training
  • Tuesdays at 930 am – Cross Training
  • Tuesdays at 530 pm – SPIN/Pilates
  • Wednesday at 515 pm – Run/Cross Club
  • Thursdays at 930 am and 530 pm Spin/Cross Training

All classes, we will continue to use bender ball, Pilate circles, gliders, TRX – I will mix up the classes with the cross training portion to keep you guessing what is yet to come. 

 2024 is a leap year – there are a few more classes on the calendar.


Classes will be held at the Studio or outdoors. 

  • Fitness is a Lifestyle. Exercise needs to be part of your daily routine.
  • Registering and committing to classes for a longer period will show you results.  You need to stick to a program to gain the value of the exercises being taught.
  • A minimum of two classes a week will guarantee you better cardio endurance  and body strength.  
  • Three or more classes a week, you will see results much more quickly.
  • Registration for some classes run January to June – with breaks in between.

Commitment to a program is essential for success.  I would love to be part of your Fitness Journey, as I have been doing with many of my members for years.  

Affordable classes taught by a Professional Trainer who wants to see you succeed

If you are away on vacation –  or have a medical reason to miss classes, please contact me directly so we can work out a plan. Wednesday Run club. All fitness levels Welcome.  Want to try?  This is the time.  Your own pace.  Fabulous group of runners. 

Contact Deb for a registration form for your chosen class. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.